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What's Your Kryptonite?

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive, and to do so with some passion, compassion, some humor and some style.” -Maya Angelou

I had a blast and breakthrough this past Equinox. An energy came swooping in so strong it was like Kryptonite. Yes, a not so FUN energy of Victim. Seriously, how many times do I have to bring this to fire? Argh! It actually was fun to see it because I saw it in someone else first and foolishly thought it was just in them (reflection). Ha, spot it, you got it. So, I had to work it! I knew I couldn’t work it at the mental level, I had to take it to ceremony. My mind was telling me it was someone else. My soul was telling me bring it to ceremony! Well, if victim is still running in my energy field and I can’t see it (shadow) and it’s zapping my energy (kryptonite), I’m going to listen to my soul, MUCH wiser than my mind. So, I humbly went to the fire, unwinding and burning without an expectation of what the Void will bring forth as the continued healing. Just letting go… After sitting with my sand painting for a few days, I heard clearly ‘boundaries’. My sand painting was reflecting loose boundaries disguised as compassion. Woohoo! Something I can sink my teeth into!

During my Vision Quest in the Spring, the energy of compassion showed me that it lives, not only in my heart (chakra), but in my whole being (all my chakras) and it has a whole different vibration in each chakra. WOW! So cool! So, I was asked to make prayer feathers for each chakra with the energy of ‘compassion’ as it continued to embody in my WHOLE field, and hang them by the Medicine Wheel. Then let go… So here we are 2 seasons later and the energy of compassion (power) shows up as victim (kryptonite). Power wins this round! Compassion is embodying and booting victim out! I just had to see it again to acknowledge the work/play I did 2 seasons ago continues to work! I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want sticky bits of victim reflecting out into the world, just to reflect back to me. I would rather keep doing my work to clear it! Because my work is not work, it’s ceremony! Doesn’t get any more FUN than that! Now, I can have a whole different relationship with the person who was helping me heal by reflecting my shadow. Well, there’s my humbling story, send me yours!

While all this was going on, I looked at the 2018 Medicine Wheel(collective energy) to see where we are in the NOW moment. What energy is coming forth from ‘breakthrough’ and ‘void’? Sunflower makes its appearance, follow the light! Then, the Sun makes it's appearance with whole lotta light coming following the light right now brings a renewed power. Yes, this is exciting and...the requirement for us humble humans is to ‘do things differently’. I know here it is again but guess what, we have COURAGE energy in spades to do this! So, now I’m going to share a little bit about what I mean...

In my story I reference the victim as a role I was playing. This comes from is the 'Triangle of Dis-empowerment' (Karpman's drama triangle).

The 'Triangle of Dis-empowerment' shows people how social interactions can be dis-empowering when any one person is playing a role in the model. I’m also going to share how to leap out of the triangle and when you do, it will alter the way you and the other person relate, so you both can relate from a different perspective, ONE OF POWER! It will take some awareness, courage, and personal responsibility to take this leap every day.

The 'Triangle of Dis-empowerment' consists of:

Victim Enabler

Bully The 'Triangle of POWER' consists of: Creator, instead of victim. Facilitator, Coach, instead of enabler. Activator, Challenger, instead of bully.


In my story above, I could have easily ‘enabled’ myself to remain in ‘victim’ and then ‘bullied’ myself and the other person. What a mess. Instead, I activated and challenged myself to see my shadow (enabler/victim) and became the facilitator, coached myself to the fire, then 'created' the sand painting, so I would be able to do something different! Is everyone thoroughly confused now? Good, that means you are ready to ‘see’ and ‘do’ things differently. When you are blaming someone else for your misery you are in victim - take it to the fire, so you stop blame in its tracks and don’t beat yourself or the other person up (bully). Then let your inner 'Coach' step in as a cheerleader to get you to ceremony. Fire and sand painting. (And, if that’s too much and you want to tackle it at the mental level, be my guest.) It’s a little more work at the mental level because you have to remember to CATCH yourself when you are being a bully and have awareness that you are even being a victim, bully or enabler. (Whoa, I’m tired just writing that!) Just take victim, bully, enabler to ceremony/fire (ALL the time) and create your sand painting as CREATOR-FACILITATOR-ACTIVATOR.

So dang FUN!


There is much written (at the level of mind) about the 'Triangle of Dis-empowerment'. If you want more ‘information’, google it, there’s a lot! Or just observe how these roles play out in your life and on the grand stage. Walk in Beauty, Lisa P.S. You can access the energetic tools and the 2018 Medicine Wheel Forecast that I referred to throughout this blog below: Urban fire Unwinding Sand painting 2018 medicine wheel

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