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When you're at a crossroadS...

This moment at the crossroads demands choice. Dithering only delays the inevitable redirection. The question is not only where to turn, but when"

~Andrea Wood


Ever find yourself at a crossroads in life where confusion sets in on big decisions?

If you haven’t then you are among the rare.

Life is full of crossroads, some biggies, some smaller and manageable.

It’s the biggies I want to chat about.

Should I stay or should I go? That’s a biggie.

Crossroads require a decision of some sort.

And, most certainly will change your life.

Why? Well, the unknown can be scary.

What if you made your decision after talking to all your friends and family and chose the most popular path from their advice for your life?

That way you are kind of off the hook for your decision if it doesn’t work out.

Probably not the best idea.

What if you waited until all your ducks were in a row?

You may never make the decision.


Let’s take a look at some of these ‘so called’ ducks:

The biggest, fattest duck: MONEY!

As soon as I have the money…(fill in the blank)

Have you ever waited at the crossroads, standing there with the fattest duck until 10 yrs later you are still standing there both you and the duck getting older? And possibly more anxious, bored, angry, yet still don’t have the money?

How about the HEALTH duck?

As soon as I lose weight…(fill in the blank)

As soon as I am feeling better…(fill in the blank)

How about the LOVE duck?

As soon as I have a partner…(fill in the blank)

As soon as I love myself…(fill in the blank)

As soon as I get a divorce…(fill in the blank)

How about the POWER duck?

As soon as my anxiety goes away…(fill in the blank)

As soon as I have the skills, training, etc…(fill in the blank)

Find your ducks and then, let’s play with them.

Put them in a row and be honest with yourself IF they really need to be in a row.

Sometimes they will put themselves in a row, after you choose which road.


More about ducks because they are so fun.

What if you decided that each duck was a strong VALUE of yours.

Then, it would be like placing your values in a row to assist in making the big decision.

Then, the power is back in your hands.

Do you know your values?

What do you take a stand for?

Stand at the crossroads with those ducks and then you can bust a move in the direction of your choice based on your values!

Once that first step is taken the whole Universe will back you up!

Even your friends and family will ‘eventually’ be on board.

Everyone quacking along merrily. Woohoo!


I remember back in 1998 my greatest crossroads event.

I was plodding along at a snail's pace making little changes on the new road to making a choice to leave corporate and venture on the road less traveled.

It’s a long story so I am going to shorten it…

The Universe got bored with my plodding and intervened!

What happened?

I got fired. OMG! First time ever fired.

I remember the day so well because when I got home I felt a bliss within me I never felt before. Ha, you would have thought I would be devastated because my ducks were definitely not in a row.

Can you say no more plodding?

As I write this in 2022 hindsight. Holy moly, I am so dang grateful for the Universe intervention. I stepped onto a path that aligns with my values and my soul blueprint. Can I get a shaman hallelujah dance!


Remember we are in the year of the Tiger, ready to leap?

(don’t let the Tiger eat your ducks)

If you are needing some guidance, I love guiding crossroads and leaps.

No reason to go it alone.

Remember if the Universe gets bored, uhoh. And woohoo!

Yet you might as well participate and take a step or a leap.

Roar or Quack?

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