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Rascally Resistance: How to Overcome

Lisa Lanzetta | Compass North | Animating Soul through Spirit

Let’s take a walk through the many ways resistance shows up, just when you are about to step into a greater YOU! 

See which one of these sneaky behaviors you resonate with and then read to the end on the quickest way to overcome…

1. Procrastination Party:

    Ever find yourself suddenly fascinated by the lint balls rolling around the house or the urgent need to organize your sock drawer when faced with a daunting task? That's the procrastination party kicking in! It's like your brain throws a celebration every time you're about to step into your personal power, and suddenly, the dishes become the most pressing matter in the universe.

2. Distraction Dance:

   Ah, the art of distraction! It's like your mind becomes a master choreographer, leading you in a dance of avoidance whenever you approach something that challenges your comfort zone. From scrolling through cat memes on social media to embarking on a cleaning spree worthy of 10,000 spring cleanings all rolled into a week., distractions abound when you're trying to level up.

3. Overcommitment Overload:

  Ever feel like your calendar is bursting at the seams with commitments to everyone but yourself? That's the overcommitment overload talking! From helping the neighbor mend her fence to attending every virtual happy hour, it's like your schedule is conspiring to keep you from focusing on your own growth and empowerment. -

4. Doubt Demons:

  Those pesky doubt demons love to whisper sweet nothings in your ear, convincing you that you're not good enough or worthy of pursuing your dreams. It's like having a tiny voice in your head constantly questioning your abilities and sabotaging your confidence.

5. Fear Fiesta:

   Who invited Fear to the party? Oh wait, it seems Fear crashed it uninvited! That fear of failure can really put a damper on things, making you second-guess every decision and avoid taking risks at all costs. But hey, failure is just another word for learning, right?

6. Perfectionism Parade:

   Cue the marching band of perfectionism! When you're constantly striving for perfection, it's like setting the bar impossibly high and then beating yourself up when you inevitably fall short. But hey, who needs perfection when you can have progress?

7. Comfort Zone Carnival:

Step right up, folks, to the comfort zone carnival! It's like being wrapped in a cozy blanket of familiarity, where everything feels safe and predictable. But beware, because while the comfort zone may feel like home, it's also the place where dreams go to die.

So, there you have it - a whimsical tour of the many ways we resist stepping into our personal power. But fear not, because armed with awareness, and a sprinkle of humor, and CEREMONY, we can conquer these obstacles and embark on the journey of self-discovery and growth with a skip in our step and a smile on our face. Let the adventure begin!

Here is the quickest and simplest way to overcome… Drum roll please…

CEREMONY! Yup, try it!

Here are many to choose from, all powerful.

If you are looking for a guide to assist you in navigating this rascally energy resistance, let's dance!


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