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Claim Your Crazy

"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are

the ones who do."

~Steve Jobs

Once upon a time (last Thursday to be exact) Shaman Lisa sat down at her creation desk to write an update on the 2017 medicine wheel specifically about the center card

(see below image).

It was time.

This card landed in the center of the wheel and it was the last card of last years wheel.

Uh-Oh... exciting yet, disturbing.

Disturbing... knowing that we all would inevitably be facing big shifts

both externally and internally.

So, I was cruising through some pics that would represent the energy and ran

across the one above when all of a sudden...POW!

My head exploded.

My body started aching.

My eyes got all fuzzy.

It was a wild physical ride.

Needless to say, I had to put that newsletter on hold until i could own the energy.

It wasn’t until today that I realized what happened and is still happening.

Just to be sure, I sent out a tracking call to the tribe of shamans.

I didn’t share anything of what was happening and they all came back with the same tracking. one of them even sent me a picture almost exactly like the one I chose for the newsletter. (see picture above)

What does all this mean?


And, the not all so gooey and delicious change...the raw, real consciousness shifting change.

I have changed.

My energy body and consciousness has changed a lot this year.

My physical body needs support big time to be able to hold the beautiful new energy.

My mind and the grooves in my brain have changed...

And, it is freakin' uncomfortable and sooo exciting at the same time.

I know my soul is on track yet, the rest of me is catching up at a whole new level.

My physical body needs to dance, to move and to purify!

Why am I sharing my story so transparently?

Because it’s not just my story.

This is a quantum leap of consciousness I am going through as well as the planet

and it requires great strength and courage.

Are you feeling this also?

I am taking a stand for me this year...

not in a selfish way, in an honest, different way .

I am waking up at a whole new level and so is the planet...

And, waking up takes COURAGE.

Which we have in the wheel this year, thank goodness (See Image: Osho Tarot, Strength).

There is a new energy presenting itself that began at the solar eclipse in August.

As I've been working with this new energy over the last 2 months, I began to realize just how much power we are harnessing right now.

Are you feeling it?

What we are requiring to bring forth now is to become masters of our own destiny...

and, this can be even more 'squirrelly-er' than the 'squirrelly' I've ever mentioned before!

The Osho Fool card is what was placed at the beginning of this year's wheel.

And, when the solar eclipse energy came through, the original Fool shifted and became...drumroll, please


"In the traditional tarot deck this journey of self-discovery was perceived as a kind of spiral, with each completion leading to a new level on the path, a new beginning with the re-entry of the fool."


In the Osho deck, he adds a master card to the Major Arcana. This is what I am calling the “Sacred” Fool.

The "Sacred" Fool allows us to leave the spiral behind, to take a jump off the wheel of death and rebirth.

"The Master card (that I am calling “Sacred” Fool) symbolizes the ultimate transcendence of journeying itself, a transcendence that becomes possible only through dissolving of the separate, individual ego."


I’ve been sharing over the last few months several tools for navigating this time of change.

The tool that is most beneficial and easy to use is the meditation for grounding*.

*You can use the small medicine wheel card or the fool card for the concentration (step 5) portion.

The other tool that is beneficial for stepping in the center of the change and claiming your destiny is creating a sand painting.

I invite you into becoming a master of your own destiny...stepping off the wheel of fate.

This time can be confusing and challenging.

We all need a guide.

Even in these uncertain times, we can create a greater sense of certainty within.

A solid framework that's personalized to your path is needed now. I'll be your soul guide and navigator within to access your unique blueprint so that you can re-calibrate to your next level of consciousness and harness this new powerful energy to bring forth into your life.

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