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Seeing With NEW Eyes...

"A well thought out strategy combined with the ebb & flow of emotions brings expansive energy, vitality, healing and passion" -Lisa Lanzetta

I felt blessed to have spent the eclipse time in my backyard medicine wheel. As the moon was moving over the sun, I spent time doing an unwinding and burning ceremony (see here for specific unwinding instructions) Being in the energy of death, my intent was "what needs to die off and transform at this time so I can fully wake up”. Can you tell I was doin' a zombie smackdown on myself! And, doing it sweetly and with compassion...yet, taking no prisoners! Unwind-Burn-Transform. No mind, JUST energy!

Even though I couldn’t see the totality moment of the eclipse... I could feel it. Sense it. See it.

The medicine wheel started shifting direction. Hmmmmm, must be time for the creation ceremony! (A bit more fun than the death part, however, creation is what comes after death.) Since I had no 'mental' clue of what had just died off and additionally, had no 'mental' clue of what I was even creating...I just followed the energy. Overall, I stepped into ceremony in a place of complete surrender trusting that I would be gathering NEW medicine!

Backyard Medicine Wheel Completion After Eclipse.

Woo-Hoo NEW Medicine!


I am sharing this experience for many reasons.

#1- As an update for the 2017 medicine wheel forecast... As I discussed last week, transformation can only occur when a die off to the old happens whether it be beliefs, thoughts, social conditioning etc. I utilized the energetic tools of unwinding and burning off anything that might have been keeping me back from rising fully into the Phoenix. (See Image: OSHO Tarot, Death Card) #2-here’s where it gets interesting... After the burn- I call it the “then what?” phase. This is where we get all 'squirrel-y'.

We’ve built our lives, our beliefs, our stories, our identities around social conditioning, so when we start to burn them off and transform... who the heck are we now?

And then, for the MOST exciting part... #3-TADAH!! In walks the Magician archetype (See Image: Chrysalis Tarot, Magician Card)

This is where we are on the wheel right now! We are entering a cycle of new possibilities! If our former way of creating was to “push” and use a lot of effort to make something happen (sound familiar?)... The magician is asking us to stop, breathe and be on the lookout for synchronicity!

"Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer." -Carl Jung

Ya' know like those magical moments in life that are happening ALL the time... all it takes is 'seeing' with NEW eyes.

So, if you are in the “then what” phase, I've got a cool Magician tool!

It's called Sand Painting and you can check out all the details here on exactly how to do at home. Sand Painting is crazy good for creating in the's way better than a vision board!

Utilizing the power of energy, we are able to co-create with spirit and our own intuition to cultivate a greater outcome for the highest good.

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