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Harness the Energy of the Solar Eclipse

"To give up one's uniqueness or to sacrifice the personal journey, is to wound the soul." -Lisa Lanzetta

2017 has proven to be quite the wild ride so far, for so many...especially us old souls and empaths. When I sent the original reading of the 2017 wheel, my intention was to provide updates every month. However, I was called to work deeper in the swirling energetics of this year that turned everything upside down. It's a perfect time for an update, right? I mean , hello, have you been feeling the energy lately? It's a little (OR A LOT) like Dorothy and the tornado!

Below, I'll bring you up-to-date on where we are now, what has revealed itself and what tools we have available to support us.


This image (from the OSHO Tarot Conditioning card aka 'the devil') has been an amazing driving force this year, so I want to share a bit about it.

It represents "social conditioning". The theme for this year is New Beginnings and as I've been tracking the energetics of how this theme/year is playing out... what is coming through is something much bigger. THINK: A New Paradigm of Living is birthing. As this unfolds, it is imperative we release the bindings of social conditioning. (be sure to look closely at the card, as the lion has the sheep tied to it's back.)

This begins with each and every one of us. Where have we been stuck with outmoded belief systems?

I probably should say where have we not?

This image also represents "shadow". It is the shadow of social conditioning that we are talking about here. This energy has been showing up in a myriad of ways such as nightmares, anxiety, depression, combustion, blame, anger, resistance, spiritual by-pass, passive-aggressive behavior...and, the list goes on. Can you see any of this either in you or playing out on the "global" stage? And, now onto the 'good' stuff!

So how do we dial in and ground all this energy?

Courage is a thread that's weaving through and pulling us forward through the entire wheel/year. (OSHO Tarot Courage card aka 'strength') Let's be "courageous" enough to allow our true colors to shine forth, no matter what! This means you might have to challenge yourself! And, being that we are in an intense eclipse this month, it is an opportune time to harness this energy NOW and begin to transform our own shadows. By individually working these denser pieces will allow for the more expansive energy to come through as we move into this New Paradigm of Living. Evolution is happening...And, YOU are part of it!

So, HOW do we do this work?

When working with shadow energy --the conscious mind can be useless.

Shadow lies in the unconscious... hence, SHADOW.

The card to the left (OSHO Tarot Transformation card aka 'death') is an energetic representation of the shadow coming to light and signifies the Phoenix Rising. Shadow needs to be worked by utilizing energetic tools to bring this shadow to light for a complete transformation.

You can check out my two blogs that walk you through exactly how to easily do this deeper work to untie the bindings at home:

Urban Fire


Simple, yet POWERFUL!

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