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Align with YOUR soul's rhythm this fall season...

When people live in a time of maladjustment, when there is a tension and disequilibrium, they become unbalanced themselves and they may believe and follow an unbalanced leader." -Albert Einstein, 1940

We are leaving summer behind and stepping into the change of season into Autumn. Mark your calendars...Autumn Equinox is Friday, Sept. 22nd.

Let’s utilize this change of season energy through creating ceremony. Why do we acknowledge the Equinox and Solstice times of the year? Seasons are some of the many rhythms to life that are stronger than our own. Each season brings with it a corresponding change in energy

that affects us in very real ways. When we align with these energies through ceremony, it enables this powerful energy to support us!

We have reached a point in the wheel where the energy is ripe for balance! There was a strong pull for balance during the Eclipse in August that was the apex... and now, it is a gentler pull. This upcoming Equinox is a beautiful time to look at all aspects of your life

to find any extremes and gently bring those areas into harmony/balance. This years Medicine Wheel has the same archetypal energy representing both Spring and Autumn equinox.

It is the archetype of Temperance aka The Guide of Souls.

Represented in the Spring is Golden Flower-Kicking off the year

Represented in the Fall is Temperance-Harvest time

Yet, they seem to be reversed. Take a look at the cards, it's interesting as the Temperance card has a more spring-like appearance and Golden Flower a more fall look, hmmmm? Well, that’s been a common theme this year,

things being a bit upside down and sideways. Has it felt that way for you? In the last emails, I’ve been talking about death as an ally for the new paradigm of living plus, referring to to what I call the “then what” phase.

I've shared two powerful energetic tools to create balance in your being. Urban Fire: Supports the "die-off" Sand Painting: Supports creating the "then what" As you continue to utilize these tools, you become a conscious creator of your own death/re-birth cycle. Yup, taking ownership of your own soul’s journey. I sincerely hope you take this Equinox time to pause and reflect how the year has been for you... Any course corrections needed? Anything need more of your focused attention? Any area need more balance, harmony? Then, bring these areas to ceremony...

The intent of CEREMONY is to make the change at the energetic level FIRST, allowing your mind some rest!

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