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shadow to light

“To give up one's uniqueness or to sacrifice the personal journey, is to wound the soul."

~Lisa Lanzetta


A New Paradigm of Living is birthing…

A Soul Revolution.

As this unfolds, it is imperative we release the bindings of social conditioning.

This begins with each and every one of us.

Where have we been stuck with outmoded belief systems?

I probably should say where have we not?

If we are living in the shadow of social conditioning, we just may be giving up our uniqueness and we may not even know we are.

Shadow hides in the subconscious mind.

This social conditioning living in the subconscious may show up in a myriad of ways such as:

  • Night terrors

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Combustion

  • Blame

  • Anger

  • Resistance

  • Spiritual by-pass

  • Passive-aggressive behavior

...and, the list goes on.

Can you see any of this either in you?

Or…playing out on the "global" stage?

If you can place your eyes on it, you can bring it to consciousness and that is where the MAGIC lives. It’s from the conscious mind that real transformation ‘starts’.


Let's be "courageous" enough to allow our true colors to shine forth, no matter what! This means you might have to challenge yourself.

By individually working these denser pieces will allow for the more expansive energy to come through as we move into this New Paradigm of Living which is living from your unique expression of Soul.

Evolution is happening...and, YOU are part of it!

So, HOW do we do this work?

When working with shadow energy, the conscious mind can be useless at first.

Shadow lies in the unconscious...hence, SHADOW.

Shadow needs to be worked by utilizing energetic tools to bring this shadow (unconscious) to light (conscious). Then, we can start living in the realm of SUPERCONSCIOUSNESS. Wheee.

Below are some simple, yet POWERFUL tools for transformation.

As you know, fire is my favorite because it is a rapid transformation.


If you are experiencing the symptoms of night terrors, anxiety, depression, combustion, blame, anger, resistance, spiritual by-pass, passive-aggressive behavior, etc. and have found no relief within traditional therapies, I highly recommend kicking it up a notch and do something different. Connect with me about stepping on YOUR Soul journey in my 12 week transformation program.

If you are in an addiction recovery program and still feeling ‘not so recovered’ I invite you to check out Soul Recovery Movement. It is here we challenge you to let your soul shine forth and move from addict to AWESOME!

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