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Earth Ceremony

There is such a sweetness and connection that is felt when we create on the earth.

Below, I walk you through how to honor you AND the Earth in a sweet, simple yet, impactful Earth ceremony.

Before you begin: Gather Earth elements: You can pull leaves, berries, moss, petals, or anything else that attracts you in nature or purchase a bundle of flowers from your favorite flower stall, farmers market, etc.

Step 1: Open personal sacred space. (students)

Step 2: State intention for ceremony. Examples:

-to reconnect with the Earth energy

-to ground in the presence when things are all swirly and I can’t make a decision

-to remind myself to walk in beauty

Step 3: Create your mandala! As you are building your mandala, breath your honoring into each element. Get creative! Have fun!

Step 4: When you feel complete-close your personal sacred space. (students)

You can leave your mandala for others to enjoy if you created in a public area like the beach or a park, beside a river, etc. What a delight for others to stumble across! You just might make someone’s day. If you create in your own yard, go to it daily and delight yourself! When it feels complete-mulch the material in your garden!

REMEMBER: Ceremony is how we shift the voices of conditioning and transmute them into the voice of the soul to SEE with new eyes...our lives, our desires, our dreams and our circumstances. It is a place of reflection and creation that accesses our PURE potential.

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