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Summer Solstice Ceremony Ideas


Summer Solstice .

Play hooky from work today...and bask in the glory of our source of light, the Sun!

It’s a glorious time for play, celebration & ceremony.

A Celebration of LIGHT!


As we head into the Summer Solstice, take time for a mid-year check in.

-Have you been feeling in HARMONY with life?

-Do you wake up every morning knowing that you are amazing?

-Are you sleeping like a wee one with no cares in the world?

-Are you dreaming the world you would like to live in?

-Is your “mind” being a trickster? Or a CREATOR? Somewhere in the middle?

-Still living someone else’s dream for you? Or full tilt boogie hokey pokey in your own vortex?

Now...Take it to ceremony!

The good, the bad, the ugly, because it’s all the same energy just a different vibration.

Remember ceremony is not of the mind, it’s all energy!

The only intention to bring to ceremony (after the mental pondering) is HONORING!

Honoring YOU! Honoring the Sun!

Below are a few of my favorites!


Water Ceremony!

Since it's Summer Solstice, fire is a main element yet, like this picture, you can just add a bit of burning material.

Another fun water ceremony if you are by a flowing body of water is to make a wreath out of flowers with intention of honoring, then release and let the water carry your prayers...


Fire Ceremony!

This doesn’t have to be intimidating.

Think of it as a summer bonfire at your favorite beach (or lake, or river, or park) with your favorite friends and family.

You know hot dogs, vegan dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, potato chips, kale chips, wheat buns, gluten free buns, etc. something for everyone!

Invite your friends to the fire. Have them write something they want to celebrate about themselves, then toss in the fire!


Earth Ceremony!

Make a mandala out of flowers on the earth. Sunflowers are fun for Summer Solstice!

You can pull leaves, berries, moss, petals, or anything else that attracts you in nature to create a magnificent 'earth' mandala.

As you are building your mandala, breathe your honoring into each element.

Invite your friends to join you. Get creative! Have fun!


All these ceremony ideas can be done alone if you are feeling a pull inward, or with a gathering of peeps if you are feeling social.

Just play with which ever one calls to you, or combine them all...Ceremony is a celebration!

Ceremony allows your mind to rest and your SACRED nature to burst through like the SUN!

Walk in BEAUTY!


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