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Honoring Soul Altar


The purpose of an Honoring Soul Altar is to honor you!

What your Soul wants to create!

What you truly love!

This is a personal ceremony for you to shift the voices of conditioning and transmute them into the voice of the soul to SEE with new eyes...your life, your desires, your dreams and your circumstances. It is a place of reflection and creation that accesses our PURE potential.

If you are familiar with a devotional altar, this may seem unusual for you, don’t fret it will make sense as you begin to play with it.​

You may be familiar with a vision board?

A vision board is static, a soul honoring altar keeps shifting. Some things in, then move to a different direction, then leave the altar altogether.

What Is Your Soul Longing For?

Travel, freedom, beauty, a fulfilling career, a fulfilling relationship, money to fund a new adventure, etc.?

​What the altar does is to give you a visual (soul speaks in visual) of your life that can be honored and changed all the time as you start to align more with your soul.​

You are starting to HONOR yourself through this altar.

Steps for Creating A Soul Altar:

I always prefer to create these in a circle, so your soul is held in Sacred Space.Yet, create as you see fit for you. Some peeps place on altar cloths, some create in levels. It’s not so much how but the INTENTION behind it...i.e. 'what are you creating for YOU!'

1: Open ‘Personal Sacred Space’​

2: Set your intention (i.e. what are you creating for YOU)​

3: Find a place in your home where you can connect daily with your altar (do NOT hide in your closet)

​4: Choose your container Ex. planter base, pie tin, plate/platter or if you have one, use an altar cloth​

5: Gather items that represent what your soul is longing for. You can use natural items/elements from nature (shells, stones, etc.), store bought items (I have a ton of fun playing at Michael's) & existing items already in your home.

​Allow yourself to have FUN with this process. This is creativity at the energetic level and a tool for you to express through.

You will be amazed at how items will just come to you, appear out of nowhere or that you'll be drawn to where in the past, you may have never seen or noticed them before. It's quite magical!

You''ll want to continue to connect with your altar daily to keep fresh before your eyes what your soul is creating. In a world filled with mental chatter that potentially keeps us distracted, this soul altar reminds you who you REALLY are.

Trust yourself while you are creating the altar and additionally, trust yourself to notice when something needs shifting in the altar such as:

-moving items around

-eliminating something

-adding something in​

Overall, you want to be sure it does not get stagnant!

​I use this tool on an ongoing basis as my soul continues to evolve and grow. It is one of my favorites!

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