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Sweet Soul O' Mine

“Loneliness is oppressive and humid, Solitude is cool and invigorating”.


A funny paradox is happening in the cosmic energy field. It’s summer, a time to play, take vacations, etc. and yet the cosmic energy is calling for an inward journey.

So, I am sharing this for all you old souls because if you are feeling a pull inward, don’t fret over it, it just means you are on track with the energy of the time that is NOW.

What do you do when your natural rhythm goes against what all the younger souls are feeling? No judgement, just observing.

What if the reason for the pull inward is happening because...

you are being called to your bigger dream?

you need to clear out the old energy so you can be more aligned?

you need to be still enough to hear your own voice?


The energy of change is huge right now.

(you can check out the CHANGE blog link below) Well, did you change? What if you changed but it left you feeling lonely, because the change was to leave something or someone familiar? Can you shift lonely to much needed solitude for 'integrating' these big changes? It is challenging to change at the level we are being called to change at right now. Why? Because it can cause some friction in the status quo. But wait, isn’t this supposed to happen? How are we supposed to rise to new levels of awareness if we continue to try to fit in a box of someone else’s making?

Or even the prison bars we have put up around ourselves?

These are all good questions to reflect on right now in our time of solitude.

I shared at the beginning of the year that this is a year where we are leading with soul.

It’s a 'hummingbird' year where it's essential that we:

listen to our own inner voice

create or remain in our own lane

and follow our own groove.

Additionally, I've been sharing throughout this year that the soul loves to create.

And how do we create what we’ve never created before?



I invite you to create an honoring altar- honoring you!

Now what exactly does honoring ourselves mean?

-Honoring how far you have come on your journey thus far

-Honoring exactly where you are at now (even if what others are 'doing' looks different)

-Honoring what you do want (or if you don't know, it's ok, just play in the energy of beginners mind)


I'm sharing an energetic blog that goes more into the specifics of the Honoring Altar, it's purpose and the details on how to create one.

And, please keep in mind: this is not a BIG deal (well, the energy and intention is BIG) however, what I mean is that it is not supposed to be a huge time-consuming, special occasion or once-in-a-blue-moon kinda thing.

This is a sweet (hummingbird), simple, and effective personalized way to move energy, create in YOUR sacred space what's not manifested yet (becoming comfortable in the "void" aka Great Mystery).

It's the KEY to shaping the REAL you...aligned with YOUR soul..

As your eyes become more focused on what you truly want, this Honoring Altar will dissolve some of the heavier blocks that are up for you now.

This is a personal ceremony for you to shift the voices of conditioning and transmute them into the voice of the soul to SEE with new eyes...your life, your desires, your dreams and your circumstances.

It is a place of reflection and creation that accesses our PURE potential.

Walk in Beauty,


Here is the link to Creating YOUR Sacred Soul Altar and the link to Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes blog

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