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universal Law of polarity

“Every adversity, every failure, and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit."

~Napoleon Hill


I love this quote, it speaks of promise, hope, surrender and acceptance.

All it takes is awareness. If something is really sucky, it’s honestly a seed of something wonderful.

Now this is something I can dance with!

Here is an example of playing in the Universal Law of Polarity.

Stepping into the centerpoint!

My biggest kryptonite is seriousness, can you relate?

I know the seed within it is DELIGHT! That is the gem, the gift.

And the highest vibration is Ecstasy.

Delight is the centerpoint.

Ahhh, you ask, how the ‘f’ do I get there?


Step 1) Awareness

Just realizing that I have been taking myself too seriously shines a light on it.

Step 2) Choice

This may sound too simple, but I do have a choice. I have to honor whether I feel like being in seriousness or delight. Delight makes my body lighter. Seriousness makes my body feel congested.

Step 3) Action

If my body feels congested in seriousness and light in delight, my choice is to move my body.

Move seriousness out by dancing!

Maybe some ecstatic dance?

Bring the serious energy to its HIGHEST vibration!

3 steps can be ALL it takes if I can move out of resistance.

My mind says that…

  • I don’t have time to dance.

  • It’s silly.

  • I look like a fool.

Well, that’s the point, be the fool and dance in delight!


If life has been too hardIt has the seed of EASY in there.

If life has become dullit has the seed of MAGIC in there.

It’s a Universal LAW.

I invite you to put on your Sherlock Holmes cap and dust off your magnifying glass and find your extremes,

then dance in the centerpoint!

Want more on the Universal Law of Polarity? Check out Andrea Wood's blog "Finding Balance in Polarity" .

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