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Re-wiring your Mental Patterns...

“It is the way of things to fail first, before we learn our story of resilience”.

-Michael Levenson

I hear this a lot from my clients after session “ok, now back to the real world”.

This confuses me, I swear I thought we were in the real world and why they are even coming to see me is so they can clear the illusion of the "real" world.

I believe that’s why I love the Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy is in the “real” world. (film is black and white at this point)

She’s miserable, no one wants to play with her. They are all busy with their chores of the “real” world. (hence, no color) There’s also this crazy bitch trying to take her dog!

Not sure why we think this is the only “real”?

Then the tornado hits and she lands in Oz. (film now becomes color)."Toto, I don’t believe we are in Kansas anymore". (thank gawd!)

YET, there are flying monkeys interspersed with the good witch of the North, along with the dream of the Emerald City...but all these flying monkeys are scaring the shit out of me.

Let me just fall asleep in the poppies again, and be in the "illusion" of happily ever after. But wait, look at all the life we will miss if we don’t continue the journey “over the rainbow”.

This story is such a classic story because it is the true hero's journey. It has all the places where we may be afraid but resilience keeps us cruising along the yellow brick road...

What if the “happily ever after” is the illusion?

What if the “real” world is the illusion?

This is a great opportunity to guide from a place of power by dying to the illusion and writing a more liberating story.

There is so much light coming through all the time. It is shining the light not only on our personal shadow but the collective shadow. So if you’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts (more than usual) you’ve got to grab that light and shine it on your shadow.

What if your illusion story is one of diagnosis, labels or life in a box that honestly isn’t yours but is from the collective “reality”?

Your soul is a unique “reality”! Did you know your Soul exists to express creation? It honestly dislikes diagnosis, labels and boxes.

So I ask you, have you looked beneath the surface and what appears to be? Age old question “who am I”. And the search begins…

You are much more than a label or diagnosis. It's time to break out of the box of the collective illusion and write your own empowering story!

What is it that your SOUL light would like to express?

How do you even know?


I’m going to challenge you to pay attention to your thoughts for just one day and see if they are real or an illusion?

As you are paying attention, ask yourself “is this true”?

Also, ask yourself is this what you really want to be thinking?

Or even speaking to another person?

The reason I am challenging you to do this for just one day, is because it is going to drive you crazy (as it is re-wiring your mental patterns). If you make it through one day, then keep adding days!

The next challenge after “is this true”, is to take it to ceremony. (sound familiar?) teehe!

Take all those crazy thoughts of:

-Not good enough.

-Don’t believe I can do it.

-What is wrong with me that this keeps showing up, again.

-I’m so confused. I’m so overwhelmed.

-If only I had more discipline.

-Or fill in the blank.

(Does this sound like your “mental” thoughts?)

Then bring it to the fire for destruction of the illusion.

Fire ceremony works excellent for this!

(Here's the link to my step by step blog for Fire Ceremony)

Then, always after destruction comes creation and remember your soul exists to CREATE!

Now, comes the mind challenge...You probably don’t want to create more of what the collective says you SHOULD be? Right?

So you are going to have to start your creation with Soul, in the field of ENERGY! (mind gets to rest) Ahhh...

My favorite energetic tool for creating is Sand Painting, kinda like a vision board on steroids.

A vision board is static and 2 dimensional (usually from your mind), where a sand painting is interactive, always in movement and represented with expressions of your SOUL.

(Here's the link to access the step by step blog for creating your unique Sand Painting!)


I invite you to create a gap between illusion so that the empowering story that you want to live is woven into the new reality, for real soul expression! Walk in Beauty, Lisa P.S. If you are feeling the gap of illusion in diagnosis, labels and squashed in a box of society's making and what is the real real, I offer a 12 week personal journey that can quickly shift you into a more liberating story of empowerment! Together we shape your unique soul story, that becomes your new normal! If something in here triggered your soul, let's chat and see how we can play in Sacred Space together! Call or shoot me a text! 760-822-3563 P.P.S. If you have never seen the Wizard of Oz, I highly recommend it as it is the true Hero’s journey story!

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