3-Card Soul Story

About 3-Card Soul Story

This will be one of your most valuable tools for moving from mind to learning to hear your soul.

It’s crazy good what is discovered in these stories.


Be very patient with yourself as you are learning this tool and I guarantee you will start to love it.


The mind speaks in the written word whereas the soul speaks in symbols, pictures, poetry, etc.

To access what your soul is longing you to hear beyond the chatter of the mind, we write 3-Card Soul Stories.


Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. This is why we use 3 cards so we can access the past, present (NOW), and future. We can see where we have been, where we are NOW and what our destiny is trying to reveal to us.


The tool for accessing soul is the Major Arcana of the Tarot. The reason we use the Major Arcana of the Tarot is because it is based on 'The Hero’s Journey' and it is the oldest story in the world. It is based on Archetypes of the human and the journey we must all go on as we evolve.


We are learning through our personal soul stories how these archetypes are embodied in us.

The Major Arcana is also a map of the Soul’s journey, so writing your own stories will inform you in a different way. You will begin to see your past has been here to shape your future...

that you are not broken in need of fixing, you are on your own soul journey.

Release the Roles & Old Stories:

This process is very liberating and if written from what you see (NOT what your old story tells you),

you will start to see patterns emerging about what your true purpose here at this time is!


For Level 1, I will be asking you to write your story from roles you are playing.


Examples: Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Teacher, Healer, Artist, Sister, Brother, Loser, Protector, Enabler, Victim, Bully, Martyr, Broken, Depressed, Anxious, PTSD, Autistic, Brilliant, Kind, Sick, Spiritual, Etc.


You get the picture, we identify so much with the good, the bad and the ugly,

when really your soul absolutely knows no difference.

You soul knows it’s just a journey of awakening to the inherent truth within you!


Pick roles that you feel are limiting your life in any way.

I use the example victim below because everyone plays the role of victim at one time or another.

(I can’t even begin to tell you how many soul stories I have written about victim.)

Victim, Bully and Enabler stories are like Kryptonite; they rob you of your power.

Write these stories often so you can start to transcend how they live in you! I also like to start with these 3 archetypes because they are in the ‘collective’ unconscious.

Steps for Creating A Soul Story:

1: Open ‘Personal Sacred Space’

2: Set your intention 

(Ex. "I would like to reveal how I ‘identify’ with being a victim so I can see the whole story")


3: Your soul story will begin like all great fairy tales...

"Once upon a time there was a _______" then add your role...what are you identifying strongly with that just might be keeping you shackled (i.e.-our example: victim) or choose what is up for you in the moment! This sets the intention for the story.

4: Shuffle the Major Arcana and pile up in front of you or spread out like a fan (face down)

5: Next pull 3 cards from the pile of the Major Arcana (cards 0-21, not the Minor Arcana at this time).

6: Then it's pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and write what you SEE in the picture, NOT the words on the card.

A simple sentence or a paragraph for each card is fine, just write, No mental filters! (as you practice, it gets easier and you learn to discern what is coming through from your SOUL).


Your story should take no longer then 20 minutes! Stay on track with what you see! When you are finished with your story, try NOT to read the description in your accompanying book.


Additional Info:

If one card really resonates with you, use it as a resource card for enhancing the archetype by placing in your soul altar-smack dab in the center. Let the energy of the healed archetype start to inform you differently. I swear this is so much easier for change then the mental game!

3 Card Soul Story Overview:

What You Need to Begin:

You'll need a tarot deck. (not an oracle deck)

Every deck will clearly say on it if it is a tarot deck.


Remember we use tarot because it is based on what the Hero must go through for healing and evolution.

There are many Tarot decks out there. Find one that resonates with you. They are all different, yet tell the same hero story. Trust your instincts and resonance with the deck.


Amazon has many to choose from and may be confusing.


If you have a local new age bookstore and they have demo decks, that is the best! I have found Barnes and Noble to carry quite a few also.

(just no demos to play with).


The best selection (all with demo's) is at Soulscape in North San Diego County in Encinitas.

This process goes beneath the surface and what “appears” to be so that you can get jiggy with full tilt boogie living!


I have worked with this tool personally, with clients and in the classes I teach and I have to say, I love the miracles that happen all the time...immediate shifts, epiphanies, etc!


It is truly ‘practical magic’. No begging, pleading or beseeching-just aligning with the real authentic YOU!

As you begin, feel free to email me your stories and we can go over them in session so you can become a master storyteller of your soul!

Walk in Beauty,



~Lisa Lanzetta


Phone: 760-822-3563