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Is the World Mirroring your Values?

“How do you wake up from the Matrix when you don’t even know you are in the Matrix?"

~From the movie "The Social Dilemma"

Imagine yourself like a great tree, where your roots go deep into the earth.

Each root holds a strong value that you carry.

These values are the foundation for your integrity. They have been forged by your life and fed from Mother Earth. 

What you do, who you are, how you make decisions are based on these values.

Like the great tree, if your roots are deeply imbedded, you can weather most storms with your integrity intact. You won’t topple when the world gets turned upside down. 

With strong values (roots) holding your integrity, you are able to have a deeper understanding when you feel someone else may be out of integrity.

Maybe they have a different set of values as their operating system?

Can you dance with them and hold a “shared understanding of reality’? 

Like the quote above, if we are able to hold a “shared understanding” of reality, we can wake up from the matrix.

First, we must wake up and know our own core values


Is the world mirroring your values?  Maybe too much noise and distraction swaying you one way or another? I invite you to take a thoughtful pause and check in with yourself, are you dancing on the dance floor of war or peace? Freedom or bondage? Hatred or love? Compassion or judgement?  We are in a time of great polarity, how do we dance in the middle ground? We need to know our middle ground. Do you absolutely know who you are matters in the great mystery? How you suit up and show up matters.  What do you “take a stand” for? Live from there. That is the Middle Ground. “ I step forward fearlessly, pure in my intent as an advocate for the soul, taking a stand for the unusual, rare and extraordinary."  This statement comes from my values, it’s up to me to be in integrity with them.  Can you see my #1 value? 

Here’s a list of values to start the juices flowing.


Service, Growth, Curiosity, Making a difference, Joy,

Self Reliance, Fun, Teaching, Adventure, Money,

Security, Community, Support, Time, Equality,

Acceptance, Individuality, Strength, Magic, Connection, Friendship,

Loyalty, Playfulness, Helping people, Creativity,

Nature, Art, Family, Travel, Fitting in,

Non-visible world, Honoring, Honesty, Learning, Health,

Beauty, Intelligence, Openness, Love, Humor,

Generosity, etc...


Can you resonate with any of them?

Claim them as your own?  Then look at the polarity of them and see how you can middle ground.


See if you can chunk them down to your top 5 and make decisions from the power of those values! Create your own “I take a Stand” statement. Post it on the fridge or hell, post it on Facebook and all your friends can hold you accountable or at least give you a heart. Then, when things might get a little wobbly or wonky, you can course correct quicker!

Now kick it up a notch.

Take your top 5 values and create a sand painting or altar, let the sand painting hold the energy anchor for you.

Or create a vision board? Maybe create a painting of the great tree with roots going deep and write your values on the roots?

Spice it up a bit, taking it out of the mental and plopping it into the mythic and energetic.

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