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I’m going to use a psychological model (mind) and how to shift fast through (you guessed it, ceremony) Energy and SOUL.

The model I am sharing is called the 'Triangle of Dis-empowerment' which shows people how social interactions can be dis-empowering when any one person is playing in the model. I’m also going to share how to leap out of the triangle and when you do, it will alter the way you and the other person relate, so you both can relate from a different perspective, ONE OF POWER! Utilize the energy of COURAGE and AWARENESS to breakthrough to the 'Triangle of POWER'. The 'Triangle of Dis-empowerment' consists of:

Victim Enabler Bully The 'Triangle of POWER' consists of: Creator, instead of victim. Facilitator, instead of enabler. Activator, instead of bully.

Here is a "direct experience" story where I gave my power to someone else through blame. This person was trying to bully me through passive/aggressive behavior and spiritual superiority. (the worst kind) I blamed this person for being passive/aggressive when it was they just had a pattern running that, at that time, I needed to look at and release!

And I was running a really old pattern of "enabler". This person was only trying to get out of my clutch of enabler by bullying me. Then when the bully showed up, I dropped into "victim". Pretty awful Triangle of dis-empowerment on both our parts of the "play".

In my story above, I could have easily ‘enabled’ myself to remain in ‘victim’ and then ‘bullied’ myself and the other person. What a mess. Instead, I ‘activated/challenged’ myself to see my shadow (enabler/victim) and ‘facilitated/coached’ myself to the fire, then 'created' the sand painting, so I would be able to do something different! Is everyone thoroughly confused now?

Good, that means you are ready to ‘see’ and ‘do’ things differently. When you are blaming someone else for your misery you are in victim-take it to the fire, so you stop blame in its tracks and don’t beat yourself or the other person up (bully). Then let your inner 'Coach' step in as a cheerleader to get you to fire and sand painting. (And, if that’s too much and you want to tackle it at the mental level, be my guest.) It’s a little more work at the mental level because you have to remember to CATCH yourself when you are being a bully and have awareness that you are even being a victim, bully or enabler. (Whoa, I’m tired just writing that!) Just take victim, bully, enabler to fire (ALL the time) and create your sand painting as CREATOR-COACH-CHALLENGER. Wheee...Now you have aligned with the energy of courage to look at life differently! So dang FUN! Observe how these roles play out in your life and on the grand stage. If you are feeling powerless, you are playing one of these roles. End of story.

Begin a new story and claim your power back!


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