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Soul on a sacred 'journey'

“The soul requires great devotion on the sacred journey. It requires nourishment that only the whole person can provide. When nurtured, loved and tended to, the soul will flourish into a beautiful tree of life."

~Andrea Wood:


I have been sharing the 4 Levels of Consciousness a lot lately because we are big in the energy right now to take a quantum leap into Level 3

…aka SOUL

…aka The Great Mystery moves ‘through’ me.

…aka The SOUL on a ‘sacred’ journey

This pondering brought me to a tool I use when working with people.

It’s called Sacred ‘Journey’ Statements.

What’s this have to do with affirmations you ask?

Affirmations come from the MIND (Level 2).

Affirmations in New Thought and New Age terminology refer primarily to the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment—fostering a belief that "a positive mental attitude supported by affirmations will achieve success in anything." -Wikipedia (where is Spirit moving through this?)

Journey statements come from the SOUL (Level 3).

Journey statements are ‘action’ statements.

They provide the ‘action’ needed for the outcome you are seeking.

Whereas affirmations are ‘passive’ statements.

Confused yet?

Not to worry, remember the Level 3 Brain is what is awakening NOW. We didn’t have much access until now. It’s like going to the gym and working a certain muscle group…you can’t just work it only once and expect results!


We have been on a self help journey, for oh so dang many years, within the mental Level 2 part of the brain. Like it says above, positive ‘thinking’. This has been helpful, but now we are kicking it up a notch and finding the ACTION.

So let's get nitty gritty and do some reframing.

Here are some actual reframing from a client who was seeking a more loving connection. I freaking love these! Can you see what action this person’s ‘soul’ wants from them?

As I communicate clearly and seek understanding, I feel more connected.

As I assist and serve others, love is the outcome.

As I look for connection in everything and everyone, I feel more connected.

As I practice non-judgement in myself and others, I feel peace.

As I slow down, relax and breathe deeply, I experience more "magic".

As I practice the art of "not taking things personally", I am able to connect without blame or shame.

As I am kind with my words and my actions, love is at the forefront.

As I practice seeing all levels of perception, I live in gratitude.

What if they only had affirmations?

Such as…

-I am connected.

-I am at peace.

-I live in gratitude.

It’s like lying in a weird way.


Let’s take one of the Sacred Journey Statements above and dig in.

“As I practice the art of "not taking things personally", I am able to connect without blame or shame.”

I love this one because it says, As I ‘practice’. Yes, it’s a practice in awareness.(wink!)

All that’s needed is to be aware and this is where you can use your mental brain to be aware/think.

Then, your soul can leap to attention and practice connection!

And boy, the ‘soul’ loves to connect without blaming and shaming.

That’s when our energy bodies vibrate at a healthy state! How cool is that!

Ok, let’s wrap up with what ‘action’ is needed in these journey statements:





Slow down…




So, if you are still using affirmations, take them and kick it up a notch to a ‘Sacred SOUL Journey’ statement.

Let’s create a SOUL revolution

…moving beyond new thought and new age.

…moving beyond the laws of the universe. (I know a bold statement, more on that later. LOL)

A revolution that includes Body, Mind, SOUL, Spirit.

Spirit absolutely needs something to animate and that is YOUR SOUL!

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