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Soul on a Sacred Journey...

“The soul requires great devotion on the sacred journey. It requires nourishment that only the whole person can provide. When nurtured, loved and tended to, the soul will flourish into a beautiful tree of life."

~Andrea Wood


Sacred Journey Statements: The Power of Action-Oriented Affirmations

Have you ever felt that affirmations just don't seem to have the impact you expect? Maybe you're reciting positive phrases like "I am successful" or "I am at peace," but something still feels missing. Let's explore a different approach: Sacred Journey Statements. These statements connect with your soul and emphasize the actions you need to take to create the change you're seeking.

Affirmations vs. Journey Statements

Affirmations come from the mind and are typically focused on positive thinking and self-empowerment. While this can be useful, it often feels passive. The underlying assumption is that a positive mindset alone will lead to success and happiness. However, without action, affirmations can feel like empty words.

Journey statements, on the other hand, come from the soul. They are designed to inspire action and align with your deeper sense of purpose. These statements are less about thinking positively and more about the journey you're on and the steps you need to take.

A Shift from Passive to Active

We've been inundated with the concept of positive thinking for years. It's helped to a certain extent, but it’s time to evolve beyond just thinking and start doing. Sacred Journey Statements encourage us to move from a passive to an active approach, focusing on the actions that will bring about the results we desire.

Let's look at some examples from a client seeking to deepen their connections with others. Notice how each statement involves an action that leads to a specific outcome:

- As I communicate clearly and seek understanding, I feel more connected.

- As I assist and serve others, love is the outcome.

- As I practice non-judgment toward myself and others, I feel peace.

- As I slow down, relax, and breathe deeply, I experience more "magic."

- As I practice seeing all levels of perception, I live in gratitude.

Each of these statements focuses on an action or practice that can lead to a deeper sense of connection and peace. Compare this with traditional affirmations like "I am connected" or "I am at peace." The Sacred Journey Statements are more meaningful because they encourage you to take specific actions that lead to transformation.

Let's Take a Closer Look

Consider this Sacred Journey Statement: "As I practice the art of 'not taking things personally,' I am able to connect without blame or shame." This statement emphasizes the practice of awareness, a key component in transforming your mindset and your relationships. It encourages you to be mindful of your reactions and consciously choose not to take things personally. This action-oriented approach helps you build healthier connections with others.

The Soul's Role in the Journey

Journey statements invite the soul to engage actively in the transformation process. They go beyond affirmations and the principles of New Thought or New Age. These statements recognize that spirit needs something to animate—it needs your soul to take action.

Taking the Next Step

If you've been relying solely on affirmations, it might be time to kick things up a notch and start creating Sacred Journey Statements. By focusing on the actions you need to take, you engage your soul in a way that affirmations alone cannot. This is the beginning of a Soul Revolution—one that includes Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit.

So let's move beyond simple positive thinking. Let's start embracing the journey by taking real, meaningful action. Are you ready to join the revolution?


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