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Meditation for Grounding

Every life emits a field of energy.

We often perceive these energies as emotions. We feel empathy and compassion when we are on the same energetic wavelength with another.

Meditation can assist our ability to discern energy and emotions with greater clarity.

Our perceptions depend upon our energy level.

Our field of energy is much like a light bulb. The space inside the bulb is essential.

If there is a crack in the glass...the bulb loses it’s integrity.

Likewise, when we identify with others, we may react, weakening our ability to respond.

A common symptom of cracks in our field can show up as depression, anxiety and stress.

Meditation strengthens our outer field.

This strength comes from the teacher within.

Our lives are of great service when we tune in and witness.

The purpose of meditation is to connect with something

beyond the incessant chatter of our minds.

Meditation helps us to remember who we were before the world told us who to be.

This below meditation was gifted to me by Betty Bethards (The Way of the Mystic) in 1998. She has since passed, yet her legacy of bringing forth this simple, highly effective meditation for grounding is astounding!

Long live Betty!

Step 1:

Setting your intention: You are a pillar, connecting Heaven and Earth.

Visualize your inner strength.

Step 2:

After setting intention it is imperative to call on your guides and helpers!

Whoever and however you do this is fine.

(advanced students-open sacred space)

Step 3:

Sit in a straight back chair, spine erect, feet flat on the floor.

Fold your hands together in your lap. Hands must be touching.

Eyes may be open or closed.

Step 4:

Take several slow deep breaths and feel yourself relaxing.

Imagine a bright white light completely surrounding you.

This is your protection as you open to sensitive energy centers.

(advanced students-open your wiracocha)

Step 5:

Gently concentrate on a single idea, picture or word.

I also like to play music and focus on the melody (I have an active mind)!

(advanced students might want to choose an archetype you are working with)

Step 6:

After 10 minutes, separate your hands and turn them palms up in your lap.

Close your eyes if you had them open.

Step 7:

After 10 minutes with your palms face up, you are in your most relaxed position.

Now is the time to speak any affirmation that is powerful for you.

EX: "As I meditate every day, my mind's at peace."

(advanced students-Hummingbird journey statement)

Step 8:

Close your palms.

Once again, imagine you are surrounded by white or gold light.

(advanced students close your wiracocha)

Step 9:

Now open your eyes. The light sends love and healing out to others and buffers their stress/tension from influencing you as you go about your daily activities.

If you can’t do the full 10 minutes (hands together) and 10 minutes (palms facing up on lap), start with 5 minutes (hands together) and 5 minutes (palms facing up on lap).

Remember to close your palms into gentle fists at the end.

This is an extra protection for you as an empath aka sensitive soul.


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