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Lonely vs Alone

“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.”

Loneliness: Absence of another

Aloneness: Presence of oneself

What if loneliness is really a feeling of being disconnected to something greater?

Or, disconnected with your SOUL self?

Loneliness can leave an ache and longing, sometimes bringing you to your knees with pain.

It can feel endless. It can rob you of your vitality.

Aloneness can lift you and deepen your love for yourself, the universe, ALL inhabitants residing on this beautiful planet we call home.

The only one who can relieve your loneliness is YOU and your aloneness.

I know what you are thinking now…this chick is nuts. LOL

Yet, it is true, a universal truth.

I bet you have heard the phrase “Be a light unto yourself”?


In my own personal journey of loneliness, I remember being in the fetal position on my lawn, watering it with heart wrenching tears.

I had just started a 5 year training to be and understand the shamans call.

The very first deep edge I had to experience was the difference of Lonely vs Alone.

I didn’t set out to tackle this, it tackled me. (the nature of Shaman training. LOL)

I had NO clue at the time that this would make me a very strong shaman, I felt very weak.

Up until this point I actually thought I liked to be alone. I used to hang out by myself a lot.

What I didn’t realize until after the lawn watering episode, was that I felt disconnected from something GREATER than my wee self.

I got up from the lawn, dusted myself off and said to myself, we are going to open SACRED space and really feel it.

No screwing around, no willy nilly.

Feel it until every cell of your being knows ‘you are never alone.’

So I did.

Not so great at first…

yet I did stop crying. LOL

I will share that I don’t experience loneliness anymore. I actually have to make sure I don’t isolate myself, aloneness is so yummy. LOL

So like the quote says above…I practice surrounding myself with people who are sweet!


If you are ready for loneliness to become a thing of the past and experiencing a feeling that you are never ALONE, I invite you to practice Opening Sacred Space really for yourself. This is what I did above. It takes a bit of commitment but well worth it. (remember, NO willy nilly!)

You can learn how to do it and why, here.

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