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How to Create Sacred Space: a bit deeper

~Imagine if you knew you were never alone? Where loneliness is a thing of the past.

~Imagine if instead of an inner critic stomping through your head, you had access to an unseen advisory board, there for your every desire and dream-cheering you on!

~Imagine if instead of just thinking you were the center of the Universe and part of the matrix of all life, you actually had “direct experience” of this?

Well, if you would like to stop imagining it and actually make it a reality, I invite you to read on…

I’m going to share with you the absolute must have tool in your “everyday sacred” tool box. It's called 'Creating Sacred Space'...a bridge for connecting with source.

This is an inside job...YOU are the sacred in the sacred space.

Some people call it invoking the muse or just simply an invocation.

Yet, it really is a bit different.

In the context I am sharing, this is not a religious invocation-no begging, pleading or beseeching something “out there” to do your bidding.

You are aligning with the seven organizing principles of the Universe. (what a team!!) 


Imagine yourself standing in the center, “aligning” with the four points of the compass, the Earth and the Heavens.

These are the organizing principles:

South: the binding principle

West: the renewing force

North: journey of evolution and growth

East: self-transcending principle

Earth: receptive force

Heaven: creative force

Center: YOU aligning and embodying

I could speak volumes on what each principle means (maybe later), yet, I would rather hear your “experience” right now!

This is a “presence” process!

One of the beautiful things of utilizing this practice is when you first start, you don’t need to use your mind. WOOHOO! Just do it, the energy is there for you!

What do you “feel” when you face the compass points?

When you raise your hands to the heavens?

When you place your hands on Mother Earth?

When you place your hands over your own heart center? 



To experience a deeper connection to yourself and all life!

You start to feel more grounded in your true nature!

And, grounded at your CORE!

It’s a healing space for you and if you are a healer, for others!

Everyone is protected and safe in “Sacred Space”

That is why it is called SACRED!

Because you are held in a cocoon of your making...

amazing healing happens without causing more trauma.

Mountains of pent up grief has an opportunity to release gently.

Plus, you can easily access medicine men and women from the unseen world that are readily available for assistance in your healing! (Can you say Personal Advisory Board?)

In sacred space, you are able to relax and be at ease in your everyday world.

Anxiety becomes a thing of the past, for real! (try it before you deny it!) 



I am a shamanic practitioner and work with clients daily, I also teach classes and workshops. If I didn’t open Sacred Space before each client and before each workshop, you would be stuck with just me.

Within Sacred Space, you get the whole team. 'Little Lisa' exits stage left...

and a powerful team of healers enter the event or session.

That is where the ordinary gets to be extraordinary!

Here's some examples of ways to incorporate Sacred Space:

-before you see clients, no matter what type of practitioner you are

-before a board meeting (yes, you can do it silently, even before you get there)

-when your boss calls you into the office

-when you sit down to do your personal/soul work

-when you are about to go in for a surgical procedure or even just to a doc or dentist appoint

-writers utilize it before they sit down to the task of fingers to keyboard

And sooooo much more!



STEP ONE: Set your intention.

Let the universal principles know what you want to align with!

STEP TWO: Face the south-call in the binding principle.

What is it you would like to align with in physical form?

Suggested Call:

"To the winds of the South-great serpent-mother of the waters-COME be with me and teach me how to shed my outmoded beliefs like you shed your skin, all at once, so I may WALK IN BEAUTY- the Hero’s/Heroine's Walk"

STEP THREE: Face the west-call in the renewing force.

What is it you would like to renew?

Suggested Call:

"To the winds of the West-Mother/Sister Jaguar. COME pad around me and devour the energy of my former story, teach me your way of fearlessness- the Way of the Luminous Warrior"

STEP FOUR: Face the North-call in the journey.

What is requiring for your evolution or growth?

Suggested Call:

"To the winds of the North-Hummingbird-Ancestors. COME sit with me by the fire-reveal to me the stories of my soul journey, past, present, future- the Way of the See’r"

STEP FIVE: Face the east-call in the self-transcending principle.

What needs to transcend?

Suggested Call:

"To the winds of the East-great Eagle/Condor. COME teach me to soar and see with your eyes the bigger picture of all life-take care of the mundane details so I can take flight while grounded in PRESENCE- The Way of the Sage"

STEP SIX: Hands on the Earth-receive.

Suggested Call:

"Mother Earth-Pacha Mama. I feel your pulse as the drum beat of my own heart. I thank you for all our children, two-legged, four legged, winged ones. I am here to serve, I am here to Love-teach me"

STEP SEVEN: Face the heavens-call in the creative force.

What is the creation?

Suggested Call:

"Father Sky-Grandmother Moon-Star Brothers and Sisters. Flood me with your beauty and your light, that I may align in your wisdom"

STEP EIGHT: Hands placed over your heart center-align.

Suggested Call:

"I stand in the center of the Universe. Feeling the love and connection of all beings coursing through me-connected and embraced. I feel strong and aware from this center place, knowing from this place ALL is well. I vow to be true to me"

When you are finished in your sacred space-close the directions by a sweet heartfelt gratitude in each of the directions! You are building a relationship and like any relationship, it takes time and nurturing while getting to know one another intimately.


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