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Life stages: Cocooning

Cocooning is a time to

reflect, renew, recharge and refresh.

Taking stock of what was working and what wasn’t, in your old life.

It’s a time to shed your skin, drop old belief systems & a time for getting in touch with you!

It’s a time to be comfortable with the unknown.

The beauty of allowing this phase is the rewards of:

*renewed energy

*a new passion to move forward

*a bit of self love!

There are many ways to cocoon, choose what serves you best.

Remember, it’s not a time to be DOING, it’s a time to be BEING.

Sound foreign?

Especially if you just came off of a roller coaster ride of life or a depression.

Some suggestions for this phase:

*Nature! Get outdoors to kiss a tree, take a walk on the beach and breathe in the fresh air.

*How about a bath

*a mystery novel or schmaltzy love story



*remember who you are!

You don’t have to completely disengage from your life, just make sure to take time for you!

Resist the pull to your former way of doing, acknowledge it and move on.

How do you know when it’s time to cocoon?

One of the surest signs is when everyone and everything is driving you nuts.

Your intolerance is at its peak. You hate your job, your spouse, your children, basically everything.

That’s a severe scenario. Cocooning can be called for in lesser extremes.

TRUST your instincts.

Another sign is when everything falls apart.

You lose your job, your spouse leaves you, kids move out…

Anytime there is a transition in your life, this phase must be honored!

Remember the butterfly when you feel your struggle with cocooning.

I can’t emphasize enough how important this life stage is!


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