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“As we bring about a strong fire “within” ourselves, burning off any remnants of ego that is holding us back…only then we can rise like the Phoenix.”

-Lisa Lanzetta


I invite you to sit back, grab a cup o' tea, I am going to tell you a Hero’s story about you.

Hero’s Journey 2020-

a channeled parable by Lisa Lanzetta and the Lineage...from the 2020 Medicine Wheel created in February by the members in the Living Everyday Sacred community.

Once upon a time there was a Hero (YOU and humanity) who had had enough of their hands being tied. Yet, they didn’t know what to do about it. So along comes an Ally in the form of a virus, causing a global shift.

All of humanity leaving the ordinary world.

ACT 1: departure

The Call to Adventure aka Departure of the ordinary world created a pause for which humanity to go inward ...starting the walk of transformation.

Then we crossed the first threshold, held by the Medicine Wheel ancient wisdom, we crossed the threshold from adolescence to maturity, From this grounded position we were able to fly into what’s possible. In this place of what’s possible, we saw a world of collaboration, cooperation and compassion. A glimpse of "paradise". A glimpse of what’s possible fueled us forward, we had the VISION! Yet, with our vision we knew we would need COURAGE as our energetic asset, to hold fast to this vision. Knowing for this vision to come to fruition there had to be death to the old paradigm that was keeping our hands tied. So we called on the energetic essence needed for the next part of the journey-the SUN for illuminating our shadow to rise and heal. With Strength and the Sun as our energetic essences, we knew we could move onto the next step. With the Sun and Strength, we had a breakthrough. It wasn’t easy, it was a trial needed for humanity. Breaking through with such powerful force was the only way to shift old structures to then build the new world.  In steps the Weaver, another ally to assist in this breakthrough, reminding us we are here to grow corn & to remember who we truly are.

ACT 2: initiation

Chaos and confusion still reigned as old systems were breaking down/through for the new to come forward. Fires were raging across the land, yet FREEDOM HORSE stood strong in the middle of the fires and danced in the flames of destruction.

And through these trials the DIVINE child was re-born, so that we may take a leap through the second threshold.

Yet, we may still be in refusal of the call to create the New World? 

So in dances the fool as our ally reminding us to not take ourselves so dang seriously!

The second threshold brings us back into our childlike innocence (note: not 'child-ish') and original SOUL self! The SUN has returned (a little less fiery).

And this is where the 2020 story gets really fun and interesting again.

We are awake and full tilt boogie creative energy is now available if we take on the energy of the fool-aka beginners mind. 

This is the ultimate treasure we have been seeking.

The healed fool is the guardian and ally for the new world.

With the fool as the guardian we can leap into the new world, grounded and present!

The new world is still in the place of creation from the void where all things are possible.

It’s still asking of us, what is possible?

From this more grounded and present place we can step into the fool on the other side and sow the seeds for all.

Aw rats, we have to go into the dragon's lair one more time and revisit the mount of despair. 

One question remains...

are you sure you want to hit the delete button on your worn out restless addictive mind and lead with SOUL?

If the answer is a resounding YES...we may rise from the ashes. 

Real transformation has happened through “direct experience”.


Now we can step into the SUN again, this time the Sun is shedding a happy tear for humanity. 

We have the elixir of life in our hands now.

Integration of the new world is happening!

We have used our tools of transformation wisely for integration to happen at a deeper level of SOUL. Our hands are now untied and in celebration!

We are now capable of handling any challenges that may be seeping in from the old world.

We have our tools of ancient wisdom and we are using them.

Bringing about a strong fire “within” ourselves,

burning off any remnants of ego holding us back…

We are stepping into HUMBLE FOOL from WISDOM aka direct experience, so we may now bring forward the white rose of purity for all of humanity!

The elixir is ready to bring home a new story.

We now guide from a place of grounded CREATIVITY & pure potential! 

We have walked the walk... 

We are true Hero’s...

Wearing our colors proudly...

(the colors of compassion, collaboration, UNITY)

We can no longer be held with our hands tied...

We are healed Rebels...

We are HOME!


A new story, written from SOUL is now ready to be told. 

Our hands are no longer tied, instead we hold in our hands the light of the new paradigm.

The moral of the story...

There is no moral of the story because it is constantly shifting.

Where do you find yourself and humanity in the story?


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