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Blocking the FLOW...

“Water medicine, hot and cold flow, Oceans of wisdom, teach what you know. Downstream from past, release ways old! Thank you reflection. Beauty and Gold.”

~Michael Levenson

Some of our choices in life lead to suffering.

When we choose to blame, we tend to suffer from frustration, anger or rage.

When we choose to worry, we experience anxiety and depression.

These “gateway” choices facilitate suffering and are often easy to see.

However, some choices are not as clear.

Rigidity is such the case.

For anyone who is interested in greater flow and expression in life it is important to understand the dynamic of rigidity.

Rigidity is best noticed within our power center and develops from a series of choices to create an overly-structured life. Tangibly, we become rigid.

Our body develops stiffness resulting in a lack of ability to bend, or inflexibility. When the body becomes rigid, we become rigid in our psychology and it can prevent the natural flow of energy.

Instead of choosing to blame, we allow understanding.

Instead of choosing to worry, we allow patience.

Rigidity is the same.

To get things flowing again, one must allow the energy of change.

-Allow new choices, new experiences, and new people to flow with your power of choice. -Learn to look at things lightly and allow other’s energy to move, as well.

In this case, awareness is curative. Notice when you become fixated within your lower energies and learn to break free.

In doing so, you will FREE-UP amazing quantities of energy released of stored tension - by simply letting go, into the flow, and eliminating your internal resistances and 'rigidities' to open flow.

Michael Levenson is an aspiring writer, an Earthkeeper and a lover of all things natural & 'earth-y'.

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