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"When everything changes, change everything.

Because right now, even change is changing".

~Janet Amato

We are in the collective energy field of CHANGE!

Change, yup, it’s a constant energy, yet it is really strong right now. It's an impulse of energy for shifting out of personality (societal imposed) to soul inspired. It’s so strong that resistance is coming up big time.

Let’s look at Dorothy in the story Wizard of Oz.

The whole time she was cruising down the yellow brick road, she had one focus...

Find the Wizard so she could get home. She had no idea there would be so many cool friends she would meet or how many obstacles she would endure, she just kept one foot in front of the other on her journey to the Emerald City.

Personally, I prefer the Emerald City over Kansas, yet when we look deeper at what she was really after, HOME...AKA her SOUL self (notice at the end of the movie Kansas is now in COLOR).

I believe everyone reading this can feel that pull of SOUL?

I freaking love this story.

So what does this have to do with the energy of change?

Everything changes, we might as well be in the creation of change from our center, then being thrown about by the tornado!

This year, we are guided by SOUL, soul is here to express creation...

Your unique creation!

Lets have some fun and explore all areas of our life where deep down we know we need to change things up a bit. Ok, maybe not so much fun if there are many areas. It can feel daunting and scary. Keep reading anyway.

So what if your change is so strong that it is creating resistance?

Let’s look at resistance because change is happening anyway, no reason to write too much about it.

My favorite author on the energy of resistance is Steven Pressfield.

I have written about him in the past, the magic of stumbling across his book while in a really stuck place. How reading it and then applying the shamanic tools for myself, created just the shift I needed for action!

The book is “The War of Art”.

What a gem! It is short, sweet (and not so sweet), raw and real!

As I was reading his book, it was triggering all the ways I was resisting moving forward. It gave me the hidden beliefs keeping me stuck, so I could then take it to the fire for release.

Not once did I beat myself up about those rascally limiting beliefs. I knew they weren’t part of my soul blueprint, they were societal beliefs imposed on me. Yet, in my mind and energy body, they were stuck in there like an Alabama tick. Just needed to tickle that little sucker out with fire!

Some of my mental patterns of resistance:

~It cost too much to do what you need to do for your biz to grow and reach more people.

~You know nothing about technology and you are too old to learn.

~It’s just little ol' me, how the heck am I going to do everything I need to do by myself.

~You have spent a lot of money trying to “find” the right people.

~You don’t have the time, money, resources for this vision, might as well keep things as they are now.

~And many more...

Needless to say, it took a few fires and a lot of movement in my sand painting.

Then MAGIC happened:

~The money appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

~Technology didn’t seem as scary, it started to be more FUN.I am not by myself,

~I have a huge crew on the other side. LOL and they are tremendous support!

~Plus…The RIGHT people (on this side) magically appeared. (very funny story, they were there all along, it was my limited beliefs keeping them hidden)

~The vision became much stronger than the resistance to keep things the way they were.

How many ways is resistance sneaking into your life?

-Are you willing to take just one small step toward what you really, really want?

(Even if you aren’t sure what it is yet?)

-Are all the ways you are resisting moving forward an illusion?

-Can you re-write all those limiting beliefs and tell the TRUE story of the "beauty of your soul"?

YES, I believe you can.

Your SOUL has a whole lotta lotta to bring to this world!

Tickle that tick out, go to the fire then create in your sand painting. Unless you are resisting it because it’s too strange? Teehe! Just do it!

If you are feeling like you are in the middle of a tornado of change, resisting it and need a guide for navigating, I am here.

There is help in finding your own voice...the beauty of YOUR soul.

Don’t wait, the time and energy is here this year. Rapid shifts are happening.

Activate... Align...Embody...Soar!

Walk in Beauty,


P.S. Here are the links to Fire for tickling that tick of resistance! And Sand painting as the key to move from black and white to COLOR!

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