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'The Wind'

In memory of my Mother

~Nancy Rita Singer Levenson By (your son), Michael ॐ

When you follow your heart, something becomes clear to see,

That you are as free, as your love for family.

Flowers, hummingbirds, and mountains, and clouds, the wind blows,

it speaks to me, and it lifts the shrouds.

So why not ask, "Wind, what do you know?"

It makes as much sense as rhythm or snow.

Suddenly, the wind sings with love and glee.

It says, “For you see, I received your Mother, magnificently."

“For I AM a celebration of all of you... Your fear, your love, and everything you do.”

As the wind blew, it left a flower in my heart,

The memory of my Mother, and a brand new start.

“Nancy is the epitome of a Mother’s love.

So gentle and musical; a note being played throughout the heavens above.

Then, the wind stopped, I could hear no more song.

The voice of change once again was gone.

My knees weakened with the pain of regret.

You may have not known me. We may not have met…

Wind - speak to me! And, tire not your will.

Remind me again why my emotions can still?

Once again, the wind blew and asked, “What troubles you so?”

You are learning that all must change - a gift with a bow.

“Your Mother’s time had come, it was time to go…”

Yes, I understand, thank you for letting me know.

I am left with the memory of a Mother’s love.

And, I see a new star in the heavens above.

I bow to you Mother, to the celebration of you;

Shine ever more brightly, for your heart was so true.

Thank you for everything, Mother. Thank you. Thank you... Michael ॐ

#grief #souljourney #gratitude #honoring

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