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SOUL leads, mind follows...

"Now you can do and act on only that which makes you more joyous, fulfills you, gives you contentment, makes your life a work of art, a beauty. But this is possible only if the master in you is awake." -OSHO

Feeling the light that arrived strongly the last quarter of last year? It’s been a light that was building for a few years starting with the full solar eclipse in the summer of 2017. Good thing energy has patience! We humans seem to want it now! Well, it’s now, NOW...and, we are being urged into integration of this light so it still may feel like rascally shadow showing up. What is being called forth big time this year is leading with SOUL. Your soul is very patient, it’s when the ego gets in the mix that impatience enters. As I shared many times last year, we were in a huge paradox of ego vs soul, where our polarity was in extremes creating big struggles, clearing us for this big light. Even if you feel like you didn’t maybe manifest what you wanted, you most definitely got what your Soul needed to move forward on your magical journey. So...what’s that looking like as we move forward in 2019? First, what’s needed is acknowledgement of your journey. Can you acknowledge how far you have come since summer of 2017? Here’s a sweet magical story of patience and acknowledgment! (through patience and acknowledgment, I was able to see the magic!)

During ceremony for the Solar eclipse in the summer of 2017, an energy came in that was crazy good.It was like no other. A new archetype revealing! Osho tarot calls it the "Master of Your Own Destiny." Right after I started writing about it, I invited some peeps to celebrate my birthday at my favorite place, the San Elijo lagoon here in Cardiff by the Sea. I wanted them to experience this vortex of energy that is there.

Standing at the edge of the vortex, my friend took a picture of me.

When he showed it to me, there it was, the master of your own destiny, live and on film. I swear... all I could do was laugh! So, of course, I played with the energetic of this card all of 2018 including a vision quest, creating multiple sand paintings & altars and writing many soul stories to bring this energy into form.


And, guess who landed in the middle of the medicine wheel this year? Drumroll please...Yes, that card (out of at least 100 cards)! Guess who picked it, yup, ME! Oh my.


Now that this energy of the master of your own destiny is hugely present this year, I look back on last year and all the writings I have shared about how to hear your own soul louder than your mind. Some of the highlights include: Staying in your own lane: If you are in your own lane, you are master of your mind, slave be GONE! Cultivating Curiosity: Writing a new story. Soul, not script: If we are leading with soul, not what everyone else says who we are, we align with what is truly ours. Leaping off the triangle of dis-empowerment into the triangle of power: Creator, Coach and Challenger is way more fun than victim, enabler and bully. Power vs Force: Witness if you are in flow or pushing.

As you can see, we were bringing in this energy all of 2018. I have shared some energetic tools and ceremonies throughout 2018 to assist you in coming home to Soul...YOURS! You must have been doing these practices or the "Master of your Destiny" card might have remained in the ethers for another year. Thank you for your willingness to play in the magic and mystery! Let’s create a beautiful 2019 where Soul leads and mind follows… In Munay, Lisa P.S. Stay tuned. I will be revealing more GOLD for the energetics of 2019 and how we can align with them.

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