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Soul...not Script

"Pride slays thanksgiving, but a humble mind is the soil out of which 'thanks' naturally grow” -Henry Ward Beecher

In our shamanic tradition, our practice of Gratitude is called the 'Giveaway' and when practiced with another practice of non-attachment, it’s like Manna from Heaven.

When I first started my journey of healing, I was told by my teachers and guides that service and giving was a way to heal.

I got confused.

First off, I was riddled with anxiety and depression, how the ‘f’ was I going to be able to serve when I couldn’t even get out of bed?

I was also told to be in Gratitude.

Now this was really starting to piss me off. Same reason.

At the time, I couldn’t see the wholeness of this and it just made me more depressed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had great teachers, yet, it was like they were reading from a script, instead of reading my SOUL journey.

Years later, I learned about the 'Giveaway' on my shamanic path and POW...this totally speaks to SOUL.

It’s kind of like a paradox and you meet it in the middle.

Ok, so let’s talk about the paradox in the 'Giveaway' and see if you can find some nuggets to be authentically Grateful.

First off, be aware of where you are at the moment.

Are you...exhausted?



Are you typically the one who is giving? Or taking?

Answer honestly, we are trying to meet in the middle.

Are you giving from a pure generosity?

Or an expectation or agenda?

I sometimes reflect back when I was depressed & anxious and recognized how it saved my life because I had to STOP giving so much.

I freaking didn’t even know who I was...and, then to have an admired teacher tell me I had to give and be grateful, I thought for sure I was crazy.

Hindsight, script not SOUL.

My whole being was crying for Soul, not script. I had to give to myself first...learning to give myself the care, the love, the time and acceptance. By doing so, I was then able to purely serve and authentically be in Gratitude. Even to this day, I am challenged with receiving. I have to practice being in the middle so I don’t over-give or give with an agenda.

Practicing non-attachment has assisted me tremendously.

If I’m not attached to how people receive my love and giving, then the gift is PURE. Yet, If I am over-giving and exhausted then I fall into an old pattern of resentment. I know it’s time to bring myself back to balance...notice how the ball always falls in my court.

Now the baby steps to an authentic life of gratitude and service.

  • Awareness

  • Ceremony

That’s it. It’s that easy.

After reading, was there anything that triggered you?

Ok, I will be transparent. I was always told I was selfish so I over-compensated by being giving. So, I took 'Selfish' to the fire a lot. Now, I know I wasn’t selfish, I just had a different rhythm than others.I was being in my own lane. People might still think I’m selfish and that’s OK. At least, I’m not depressed and anxious anymore.

And...I can love purely now, I’m not attached to what they think of me.

See why it takes practice?

Just be aware and take it to the fire!

Love yourself warts and all, so you can receive pure love in return. I am Grateful for all the purely loving individuals who walk in their own lane, to the beat of their own drum and that allow me to walk in mine!

May your day be filled with awe and wonder as you shift your script and play in Soul!

Much love, Munay style,Lisa

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