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Cultivating Curiosity

I have been tracking the end of the season through the medicine wheel to find the energy that will assist us in these big swings that have been happening all year.

And, wowsers, It’s been an interesting year so far! Major polar opposite swings of attention. Have you been feeling it?

Well, we are rounding the bend now and the center of the wheel is where my focus keeps going. It’s heading us into a place of Unity and Balance.

Yet, there is still some interesting energy happening that might be an obstacle.

I’ve been sharing throughout 2018 that there’s a whole lotta light coming in…

And, it’s finally here!

How are we to assimilate all this light?

How can we balance?

Come to center?

Let’s look at the polar opposites that have been with us all year...

Swinging drastically inward, drastically outward.

One minute on fire, next minute completely exhausted.

One minute full of vibrant health, next minute feel like absolute crapola.

The Universe has laws and is one big energy, we are in the soup of creation.

As humans, our basic make-up is to create. align in this soup! Yowza and Wheeee:)

The laws of the Universe are always working, and this particular year, the 'Law of Polarity' has been a strong front runner for shining the light on (get ready for it…) the ‘shit show’. Yes, that’s what it’s been…both individually and collectively!

So, if our basic make-up is to create, what are the components of creation?

Birth, Death, Rebirth, Freedom, Unity. (the center of the wheel)

One of the best tools for being in this Creation Process that has worked for myself & many of my clients, students and mentees is…"Shut the ‘f’ Up"!

I know it sounds harsh but it sorta has to be because we absolutely have to hear our own voice, and with all that chatter out there, how the heck are we supposed to hear our voice if we don’t shut up. (otherwise we are ‘creating’ what’s already been created before)

We have to be discerning in what is true for us.

And, we also have to be CURIOUS.

Did you know that Curiosity is one of the higher vibrations in the universe? Yup!

And if we know everything, it stops both curiosity AND the entire process of CREATION dead in its track.

You ever meet someone who knows everything? It can be slightly boring.

No room in the convo for exploration and curiosity.

I used to know everything and I was totally boring. Then in one of my soul retrievals, the energy of curiosity came back. And let me tell ya, it is waaay more fun.

So, my invitation to you right NOW…(basically this short window between now and this Winter Solstice Dec 21st) is to cultivate curiosity.

So what does that look like?

Step 1: Shut the ‘f’ up, you don’t know anything. A great question for cultivating curiosity-is this true?

Step 2: Do things differently. See people differently. Pretend you are from a different planet here for the first time. Play, rest, laugh at yourself. (basically moving into a place of beginner’s mind and not taking yourself and everything so seriously)

Step 3: Have your own “direct experience”.

As you cultivate curiosity, see if your swings start to integrate into balance and unity.

Not only is this imperative to harmonize within you, this is the overall-arching theme of where we are at right now in this 2018 Medicine Wheel...Unity + Balance and a need for harmonization + integration so that the light can be brought in for all of us individually and collectively.

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