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Staying In Your Lane...

"It is better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else's life with perfection."

-Bhagavad Gita

Recently, I shared about the triangle of disempowerment and the triangle of power. In this blog, I provide an expanded perspective because it comes up a lot in me, in my practice and we are completely seeing it on the World Stage. What I want to touch on is BOUNDARIES... and how it relates to the triangle. We have to have strong boundaries, I'm not talking about shutting peeps out, what I am talking about is staying in our own lane! We have to learn to discern what our own lane even is. And we discern by knowing when we are playing in the triangle of disempowerment or the triangle of power. Below I am going to share a story and a few of my favorite tools.

I had to learn about boundaries the hard way. I got sick. I’m an Empath. I feel everything and everyone. Which is great for a 'trained' shaman :), really sucks for a regular person :( Yes, I always tried to believe I was a regular person. I even thought people had the same 'feeling' and 'sight' that I had. Then I was blessed to meet someone who really saw me and was skilled in the art of how to even tell me I was an Empath. This isn’t anything 'special' it's just how I am wired, and how MANY people are wired. There’s even a name for it besides Empath- It’s one of the 'Claires' referred to as Clairsentient: The ability to feel strongly and sense the emotions and feelings of people, animals, spirits and places. I’m just going to touch on Empath for now and the importance of boundaries... the energetic and the art of being human with a gift. Ok, so imagine you are cruising along and believe you are in your own lane, then someone comes up to you and here you are an Empath, you can feel them, yet you think it’s YOU that you are feeling. All of a sudden, you are in their lane, and they ask you to do something they are totally stoked about, well because you are now in their feeling, you become stoked also, even though 'getting your nails done' is the last thing you ever want to do, but you are hooked into their field of energy now, so you say yes. And so off you go on their journey... Ok, now multiply that 10 times a day and where the heck has your path gone? Now multiply that by 10 years and oy vey, you are totally a 'goner' and don’t even remember what lights you up anymore. And you ask how does this relate to the triangle? Let's go back to the part in the story of not really wanting to get my nails done. The person asking was just excited but because I said YES instead of NO, she became a bully (not her intention) because I was playing victim. Then I went into resentment, blah, blah, blah. When all I had to do was say

'No, thank you', and be on my merry way. This may sound really basic, yet I see this ALL the time.

We think we are being 'nice' by saying yes, but it starts to accumulate in our energy field as constriction that ends up becoming illness i.e. anxiety, depression or the feelings of overwhelm, disappointment, frustration, etc.

Well, there’s hope...there are tools! One of the tools sounds really easy and yet can be very difficult, It’s called saying 'NO, thank you'. (below I provide a link to an additional blog written by Suzan Tusson-McNeil that expands on this). The other tool I am going to share with you sounds a bit more difficult, yet it is really easy, just takes practice on your part. It’s a meditation technique that was channeled through the woman who first told me I was an Empath. Now remember I was sick so I came at this with a very open mind and actually practiced it every night before bed. I was determined to give it a go, what have I got to lose? Find details in my 'meditation for Empaths' blog. Walk in Beauty, Lisa

P.S. I hope these tools of 'saying NO' and 'meditation for Empaths' assist you in staying in your own lane.

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