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Power vs. Force

Hanging out with the 2018 medicine wheel and tracking where we are energetically, I keep coming up with a boulder getting in the way of Sacred Union aka lovers archetype.


So, how the heck are we going to keep moving on the wheel to the next archetype on the journey of 2018?

Find the 'resource' for transformation.

Well, seeing as I look at everything as energy, I followed the energy with the 'intent' of finding the resource.

The energy kept showing me a pendulum swing between the boulder and what I 'thought' was the resource. Big swings then it would rest in the center. Aha! The center is the resource. Ahhhh, that feels better!

Glad I followed the energy and not my mind. (teehe!)

That’s the big picture...

let me chunk it down on how this is represented on the Medicine Wheel.

(This is all happening in the South (green) portion of the wheel....see image)

Left swing-Hermit Right swing-Emperor


Following this energy was a bit crazy making to say the least!

Hmmm, now let’s put the energy into words.

THE HERMIT Archetype

Notice how the hermit card is holding her hands. Inward.

Also notice the moon behind her.

So how is this a boulder you ask? She looks so blissful!

Are you resisting going within?

Do you spend too much time inward?

This can show up as:

Contemplating on your dream so long it fades, or loses its momentum.

Hiding your gifts from the world.

Head in the clouds.

Procrastinating from action, even the small steps.

Over analyzing to inertia.

Using external circumstances as distraction or avoidance.

Going to your Oracle deck (external) instead of writing a "soul" story. (internal)

Now swing to the right-the external is


Notice how the Emperor is holding his hands up in the air facing outward. (Power) Also, notice the Sun behind her.

Are you afraid to trust your core power?

Or too much ego here? (Force)

Too much outward expression (Force) without core wisdom? (Power)

This can show up as:

Pushing forward and forcing any area of your life.

Blaming outside circumstances or people.

Bringing a dream to action before it’s time has come Aka impatient?

Living and acting on someone else’s dream for you.

What is calling for attention now so we can transform the boulder and get on with unity/balance, integration and shining our star brightly?

Interestingly enough, smack dab in the core center of these cards is

the Heirophant Archetype.

This is the 'resource' for transformation.

And, she is here to bring the polarities into BALANCE!

Notice how the Heirophant is holding her hands.

'Centerline' with her body. CORE essence.

So what does that look like for you?

Whether you lean too heavily to the internal or external, the message is clear at this time that we are being asked to integrate, balance and harmonize weaving the wisdom of both of these energies.

So we may 'Walk in Beauty'. Aho!

Below are some suggestions to strike a sweet spot between the two.

  • Spend time daily to be alone and apart from the busy world.

  • Just be an observer of what comes up when you play in your own 'sacred space'.

  • Observe when you are quick to place blame on others. Go inward instead to find the truth for you.

  • Observe when you are quick to ridicule yourself. Go inward instead to find 'your' truth.

  • Observe when you are feeling like crap and you bypass it to force happy. Just hang in the crap, the happy is in there also. (we are speaking Universal Law here-the law of Polarity and Paradox)

  • Observe if you are forcing anything.

  • Spend time daily to be with others that are kindred souls.

  • Be aware if your thoughts are of the ego or if they are ideas of the soul.

  • Be in soul action. What is it you truly love to do?

  • Take one small step without overthinking.

Now is a great time to jump on over to the 2018 Medicine Wheel Forecast and take in the whole overview again!

It is an action year!

Yes, inward and outward can both be action.

It is truly a remarkable year, as long as we keep transforming our boulders and staying in our core!

Stay tuned as the year progresses.

In Munay,


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