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How to Create Sacred Space: A Beginner's Guide

What is Sacred Space?

Sacred Space is a special environment where you can feel connected to yourself, nature, and the universe. It's a place where you can find peace, inspiration, and healing. Creating Sacred Space involves aligning with universal principles, allowing you to tap into a deeper sense of connection and grounding.

Why Create Sacred Space?

Imagine a place where you can be your true self, where you feel supported and safe, and where you can heal from past traumas. That's what Sacred Space is all about. It's not about religious rituals or asking for favors from a higher power. Instead, it's about connecting with the energy around you to bring harmony and balance into your life

How to Create Sacred Space: Step-by-Step

Step 1: Set Your Intention

Before you begin, decide what you want to accomplish in your Sacred Space. It could be grounding yourself, finding inspiration, or seeking guidance. Setting an intention helps you focus your energy and make the experience more meaningful.

Step 2: Call in the South - The Binding Principle

Face south and call in the energy of the great serpent, asking for guidance on letting go of old beliefs and embracing new growth. This direction is about transformation and shedding what no longer serves you.

Step 3: Call in the West - The Renewing Force

Turn to the west and invite the spirit of the jaguar. This force helps you face your fears and renew your courage. It's about embracing your inner strength and releasing what holds you back.

Step 4: Call in the North - The Journey of Evolution and Growth

Face north and connect with the hummingbird and the ancestors. This direction represents your journey and the lessons from the past that shape your growth. It's about embracing your personal evolution.

Step 5: Call in the East - The Self-Transcending Principle

Turn to the east and invite the eagle. This force represents freedom, vision, and the ability to see the bigger picture. It encourages you to rise above challenges and find clarity in your life.

Step 6: Connect with the Earth - The Receptive Force

Place your hands on the ground and feel the energy of the Earth. This step helps you connect with nature and reminds you of your place in the world. It's a grounding experience that brings stability and peace.

Step 7: Call in the Heavens - The Creative Force

Look up and call on Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, and the stars. This step is about tapping into creativity and inspiration. It reminds you that you're part of something larger and that you have access to infinite possibilities.

Step 8: Align with Yourself - The Center

Place your hands over your heart. This step centers you and helps you feel the connection between all the elements you've called upon. It's a moment to reflect on the energy you've gathered and to embrace your inner strength.

When to Create Sacred Space

Sacred Space can be used in many situations. Here are some ideas:

- Before starting work, especially if you work with clients or in a stressful environment.

- Before a meeting or a challenging conversation.

- When you need clarity or inspiration.

- Before a creative session, like writing or painting.

- To help calm your nerves before a medical or dental appointment.

- To find peace when you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

Closing Sacred Space

When you're finished with your meeting, ceremony, session, etc. close your Sacred Space with gratitude. Thank each direction for its energy and guidance. By expressing gratitude, you're building a positive relationship with these forces, which will deepen over time.

Creating Sacred Space is a personal journey that can bring peace, inspiration, and healing into your life. It's a simple yet powerful way to connect with the universe and find your center. Give it a try and see how it transforms your day-to-day experiences.

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