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The Key that Unlocks Your 'NEW' Normal

"Alchemists are needed to break the spell of our social illusions,

and liberate us to a story of the sacred nature of ourselves."

~Paulo Coelho

I want to share a common theme that I see all the time in private sessions and in ceremonies.

This common theme is-self love...

is it really available after years of self-loathing?

My answer to this age old issue is YES, it is available...

followed-up by questions to be in inquiry of:

Are we willing to commit to ourselves?

Is one of the voices in your head telling you that it is selfish to commit to yourself?

How many voices in your head really even belong to you?

Since this is a common theme about self love and the voices in our heads

that stop this from happening...

it triggered a memory of a poem I wrote in 2010.

This poem is appropriate for letting go of social, familial and religious conditioning.

Letting go is not a mind game (as you can see from my poem) It is a SOUL game!


Now begs the question-how?

We need to embody what I refer to as the Sacred Fool, aka Master of our own destiny.

This is POWERFUL….

And when I say that, I'm referring to the power we ALL have right now within us that can COME ALIVE.

Exciting, yes...however, this Sacred Fool needs to be awakened through us, as this energy is:

  • The master of our own destiny

  • The unifier of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine

  • The catalyst for our growth and change

  • The initiator of the next evolution for our soul

It is what is needed now...

the very piece that has been missing!

And, the Sacred Fool is the KEY that unlocks your 'new' normal.

A new normal where…

  • We take things less seriously and personally

  • We cultivate a sense of curiosity, exploration and awareness that allows us to see with new eyes

  • We align more so with what fulfills us, brings us joy and contentment

  • We are 'literally’ lightened up...our souls, our lives and all that surrounds us

Plus, where our lives are experienced as a work of art and a creative expression of our soul.

And, YES...

it all comes with a whole lot more FUN!

(Hell yes, can I get a 'shaman hallelujah dance'!)

Who's ready for a lot more fun?

We are waking up as a planet, however, if our mental minds continue to resume in resistance, still believing the inner voices, and keeping ourselves stuck in the outside world of chaos, external circumstances, conditioning and ultimately, distraction, this energetic will be more of a challenge to access and harness.

And, the time is now.

This is our opportunity to reach deeper within for our own light to:

-reclaim this power

-redefine our lives courageously

-re-confirm our commitment to our destiny

And...boldly dare to dream our reality as a master in creation!

How do we wake this baby up?

By leading with and expanding into 'playing' our soul game.

And, SOUL loves ceremony.

This is how we shift the voices of conditioning into the voice of the soul to SEE with new eyes...our lives, our desires, our dreams and our circumstances.

Ceremony is a place of reflection and creation that accesses our PURE potential.

I invite you to step into this sacred place of pure potential and experience the timeless quality of ceremony.... a place of no-mind, to allow for the magic to happen.

You can access some of my favorite ceremonies right here on the blog.

Below is a list of my best tools to utilize in a ceremony:

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