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Water Ceremony

Ceremony is how we shift the voices of conditioning and transmute them into the voice of the soul to SEE with new eyes...

our lives, our desires, our dreams and our circumstances.

It is a place of reflection and creation that accesses our PURE potential.

Particularly with water ceremony, it allows for all your senses to be activated. It is a beautiful process that is sweet and easy.

Before you begin: Open Sacred Space

(see creating sacred space instructions here)

Step One:


Flowers that you love (either from a cut bundle at the market, nature (honor) or your yard).

A bowl deep enough for the flower heads to float in.

Candle votives if you want to add fire (deep enough to rest above waterline)

Step Two:

State intent (i.e. to release energy of anger, blame, anxiety, nightmares, etc.)

*When holding water ceremony at Winter Solstice...some reflection questions to review the past year:

what did you love?

What, not so much?

What would you like to see in the new year?

Acknowledge your experience: no matter what...the joys, sorrows, fears, judgments.

Step Three:

Fill bowl with water

(if using candle votives place them in first so you know how deep to fill)

Step Four:

Place a few drops of essential oil you love in water

(honoring the cardinal directions aka... creating sacred space)

Step Five:

Take a flower head and using your breath, blow into the flower head anything

you would like to release.

Use as many flowers as you like.

Step Six:

Take a flower head and using your breath, blow into it anything you would like to dream, embrace, manifest.

Step Seven:

Close sacred space by acknowledging the cardinal directions in Gratitude (aka close sacred space).

Step Eight:

You can leave the ceremony bowl open until the flowers start to get funky, approx 1 week.

Step Nine:

When releasing the water and flowers, release to the Earth, Ocean, or River.

Stay present in the upcoming weeks as new opportunities reveal themselves!

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