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Create Your Sand Painting

Sand Painting is crazy good for creating in the unseen...

it's way better than a vision board!

Utilizing the power of energy, we are able to co-create with spirit and our own intuition to cultivate a greater outcome for the highest good.

Before you begin-Open Sacred Space. (see creating sacred space information here)

Step 1: Collect a round tray (Image example- an underlining of a plant pot) Step 2: Place sand or soil in the tray Step 3: Speak intention (ex. 'then what'... who am I now?)

Step 4: Gather items that speak to you-things that align with your passion! Could be a special seashell. A rock from your favorite mountain. A key. A heart. Any symbol that resonates for what you are creating!

Step 5: Position items in tray (sacred space circle) anywhere you want.

Step 6: Keep sand painting alive throughout the week, adding things you just “stumble” upon. (synchronicity) Taking things out if they feel they are really not part of your “then what” phase or moving items to a new spot within your sand painting. Step 7: Keep it FUN! (I would think your “then what” includes fun, right?!)

Step 8: Honor and acknowledge you. You are co-creating your life! Let your mind rest. Magic takes center stage! Step 9: Close sand painting. I spritz mine with spirit water. You can just close with intent that it is finished!

Step 10: If you would like to keep the objects from your sand painting in a special place ( Ex. See image) as a reminder of your creation... Excellent! You just created a medicine bag specially for you and your new beginnings! (How cool is that?!) Step 11: Watch for the magic! Opportunities!



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