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2017 FORECAST: Medicine Wheel

The theme for this year:New Beginnings/New Paradigm of Living


bringing us into balance and harmony.

Our strength and courage seeing us through this rapid transformation is completely accessible and supported from the UNSEEN long as we have a higher vision for ourselves: i.e. our soul’s highest calling!

There is a strong pull to eliminate the social’s time to wake up, dear ones!We can take the action steps to lead us closer to who we really, really are.

And, we have the support in spades this year… TAP into it!

Consider this year to be an Adventure of the SOUL!

Our POWER Allies for 2017:

Power Animals: Lion, Crow & Raven

Power Objects: Mirror & Pearl

Power Nature: Water (ocean, lake, river, etc.)

Power Symbol: Sunflower

Elements: Earth & Fire

Enjoy this year of new perceptions and adventures!

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